Persol, the iconic brand
Per il sole! This Italian term means “for the sun” and its contraction gave birth to the famous Italian brand, originally founded by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917, that is just 100 years ago! Châteauvieux opticians brings you to meet this iconic brand available in Toulouse.

In Turin, during the inter-war period, Guiseppe Ratti imagined glasses for pilots and drivers. He invents in particular the Protector model which will obtain a patent in 1924 ! These glasses are the first success of the Italian brand that quickly equips all the pilots of the Italian military aviation.

In the 50s and 60s, the brand still produces sturdy frames. Its workwear universe is confirmed with the creation of the 649 model. Combining the Meflecto system and a bridge in the shape of a lock, this model is both technological and functional. This quality seduces the famous Marcello Mastroianni who carried them in the cult film Divorce Italian.

The brand owes its growing popularity in the 60s to the craze of stars. Steve McQueen will bring to the screen as the city model 714, becoming well before the product placement, the muse of the brand.

100 years after the creation of the brand, Persol confirms that its frames do not age. The Italian brand succeeds even the prodigious gamble of putting the style at the service of technology! In the city center of Toulouse, we are one of the few opticians offering these frames to the style and engineering honed.

To perfect its mounts, an arrow inspired by the sword of the warriors of Antiquity dresses the branches of the glasses Persol. It was enough for Steve McQueen’s Persol in The Thomas Crown Affair to be auctioned at $ 70,200.

Do not wait any longer to offer these models whose number alone is enough to evoke a universe!