MYKITA, the brand with extraordinary collaborations
The Berlin brand is featured in fashion magazines for both its optical and solar collections. Unquestionably, the Mykita glasses are timeless must-have thanks to their contemporary style.

By offering surgical steel frames or 3D printed frames, the German brand illustrates its requirements and uses the latest innovations to offer finishes of a rare requirement. Hand-made in the Berlin workshop, the Mykita glasses come in collaboration with large houses or renowned designers. Discover on our site and in store, the collections Mykita + Martin Margiela, Mykita + Mylon or Mykita + Damir Doma.

The French designer Damir Doma revisit with the German brand circular shapes in an avant-garde style. He will explain this innovative choice by saying that ” these round shapes perfectly complement the Damir Doma look. From the beginning, our goal has been to translate the traditional circular form into something modern and create an iconic object. “