Always demanding with its suppliers of frames and glasses, OPTICIANS CHATEAUVIEUX in Toulouse found in LUNOR a manufacture of glasses which does not compromise with the Quality.

Shaped in Gold, Hand-worked, Golden bezel, gave their name LUNOR.

Time passes, the quality remains.

The style is refined, distinguished, the classic design brings to its wearer a timeless elegance.

Inspired by frames dating from 1650 to the 20th century (1950), the “team design”, directed by Michaël Fux, confesses his attachment to metal. Worked in Southern Germany and Fukui in Japan, the gold doublet highlights the importance of detail.

How to talk about acetate, why wait?

Imprecision and complexity are part of everyday life and suddenly comes the moment when you master your work to the tenth of a millimeter. Each of the 200 manufacturing steps are scrupulously 100% hand-finished in Germany, with a wide color palette that can match your style.

Master craftsman, Emmanuel CHATEAUVIEUX, 10 rue Lapeyrouse in the heart of Toulouse associates the brand LUNOR to the taste of work well done and a perfect optical correction.