L.A Eyeworks
It all began in 1979 when the two designers of the L.A Eyeworks collection, Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds jostled the codes of fashion by offering frames with assertive character and style.

First to use the laser in cutting and engraving, these two opticians in Los Angeles have created colorful glasses with surprising shapes.

Based in Los Angeles, and known to lovers of glasses around the world, the playful and provocative L.A Eyeworks has infiltrated pop culture thanks to their sometimes sober, often original but definitely distinctive, different and offbeat frames.

To accompany their avant-garde collections, L.A Eyeworks has a visual signature that has an impact thanks to iconic figures from today’s world. The philosophy of the brand is summed up by their slogan : “A face is like a work of art, it deserves a beautiful frame.”

These handicraft fabrications modify the way people perceive glasses and give the brand a certain charisma that Chateauvieux opticians proposes to make you discover in shop in Toulouse.

The house Chateauvieux Opticians.